Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kaitlin and Bella

My friend Kaitlin and her daughter Bella met me for a session this weekend. This mother and daughter duo were a blast to work with! Kaitlin is a very soft spoken, kind, and beautiful gal and her daughter Bella....well she is a fun, energetic, and darling little girl! She was having a blast and even had some poses she wanted to do herself. I had a wonderful time working with them!
See what I mean?! Isn't Kaitlin stunning?! I can't put my finger on who celebrity wise she reminds me of. I want to say Melanie Griffith when she was younger but not sure.

Isn't Bella cute?!

For now that is all the sneaks I have. I have more editing to do and homework. In the middle of a huge project right now but had to pull myself away to take a break and post some for her. I have another shoot coming up so I will have more up soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

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