Monday, December 26, 2011

The Smith Family

This shoot was with a friend from high school and her two darling girls. Sadie and I go back all the way to my freshman year of high school, both of us shared a mutual friend and kept in touch via Facebook. So we decided to meet at Saguaro Ranch Park to do the shoot. It amazed me when I met her daughters how much her oldest looked like her and her youngest like her high school sweetheart as I can't tell with mine who looks like who, lol. This shoot was extra fun for me because we were able to catch up and talk about our shared love of photography. I also met her mom, who seemed so patient and fun! I really like this family and hope to keep shooting the girls as they get older!

Here are some of my favorite shots from their session.

Isn't Megan beautiful, she was fun and so easy to pose and even had some of her own ideas...what isn't to love about that?!

I have to say, I was in love with Maria, she was so funny, very photogenic and I loved her red hair (I'm a sucker for it).

Sadie and her darling girls! I just LOVE this one!!!

Such a fun, loving, and joyous family...they made my day!

The Wewer kids.

My brother-in-law's sister wanted Christmas photos of her two little cuties, Isaiah and Aliyah. We have talked a few times and I really like her we have a lot in common. We decided to go out to Verrado and do the shoot at the huge Christmas tree in the center of that town. It is always a great backdrop for Christmas pictures. Aliyah and Isaiah were a blast and so cute! Isaiah wasn't feeling well but he was all smiles and happy, she sure is lucky to have a happy little guy like that. Just lights up whenever anyone looks at him. They were so easy to work with! Isn't Aliyah beautiful??!!

He wanted up on these spheres so bad and when he finally got on top, he kissed it and was so happy and I believe he said, "Ball". It was so cute!

This one is my absolute favorite of her!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Welcome Baby Thomas!

My friend just recently had a baby and a very cute one at that! He was wide awake for our session and very somber. He watched me the whole time almost like wondering what I was doing. I would get a smile here and there. He was such a great sport and finally feel asleep to get some super cute shots of him sleeping. Gosh I sure miss the baby stage! This was so fun to snuggle him and enjoy him and then give him back to his mom. I sure do love capturing these special moments in time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kaitlin and Bella

My friend Kaitlin and her daughter Bella met me for a session this weekend. This mother and daughter duo were a blast to work with! Kaitlin is a very soft spoken, kind, and beautiful gal and her daughter Bella....well she is a fun, energetic, and darling little girl! She was having a blast and even had some poses she wanted to do herself. I had a wonderful time working with them!
See what I mean?! Isn't Kaitlin stunning?! I can't put my finger on who celebrity wise she reminds me of. I want to say Melanie Griffith when she was younger but not sure.

Isn't Bella cute?!

For now that is all the sneaks I have. I have more editing to do and homework. In the middle of a huge project right now but had to pull myself away to take a break and post some for her. I have another shoot coming up so I will have more up soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sara & Beau

So this awesomely sweet gal brought her boyfriend home to AZ from CA to visit her family. I was lucky enough to get to spend a little bit of time with them as well. We headed over to Saguaro Ranch Park. They brought Beau's little sister with them for a few shots too. I sure had a lot of fun with them and LOVE all the photos but here are few of my faves!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jessie's Maternity

I have done a few sessions of the last few years and as they are are fun, this one was my first maternity shoot. Jessie is a really sweet and down to Earth gal that I have gotten to know the last year or so. Her daughter Navy, is in Cali's nursery class. We are also in a Book Club together. Jessie is having her second child, this time a boy. We had so much fun and she was easy going about it, thought it was well over a hundred degrees out. We did a quickie session and yet had so many great shots, here are just a few of my favorites.